Sondreson Community Hall

Sondreson Hall is the center of activity for the North Fork Landowners’ Association and the community as a whole— from New Year’s Eve parties, to summer meetings and social functions, to Thanksgiving dinner.

Where is Sondreson Hall?

Sondreson Hall is about 8 miles north of Polebridge on the left.  
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Renting Sondreson Hall

Consistent with our designation as a 501(c)(4), Sondreson Hall may be used free of change for all events that are open to the entire community as long as there is a sponsor who is a member of the NFLA.  The hall may also be used for private events, meetings for other organizations, including governmental agencies, for a rental fee.

In addition, hall rental rates for small groups of other North Fork organizations, such as the NFPA Board, the Compact, or the North Fork Road Coalition will be able to meet for a reduced rate of $5.00/hour.

  • Question:  Why the change? The NFLA is tax-exempt under 501(c)(4), which means that it must be operated primarily to further the common good and general welfare of the community as a whole.  It cannot be operate for the benefit of private interests.  More importantly, the BoD believes that a more inclusive policy helps build the community by providing more opportunities for folks to get together.
  • Question: Will this have an impact on our overall budget?  It turns out that the hall rental revenues were a relatively small portion of the overall budget compared to donations.  The BoD believes that by making hall use easier, revenue loss may be offset by an increase in donations.
  • Question:  Who should I contact to rent the hall?  Alan McNeil is the BoD representative responsible for coordinating hall rentals.   All requests for hall use should go through him (e-mail) and he will consult with the BoD on any questionable requests.
  • Question: What if I just want to add something to the NFLA social calendar? There is a process in place for adding events to the social calendar. See the Social Committee section of the NFLA Committees page for more details.

Hall Usage Documents

Following are the four documents that everyone who would like to either use or rent the hall should read.

  • Sondreson Hall Use Policy for Community Events – This document describes purpose of the hall, the criteria against which use is permitted and procedures to follow. In particular and consistent with our designation as a 501 (c)(4), Sondreson Hall may be used free of charge for all events that are open to the entire community as long as there is a sponsor who is a member of the NFLA. Please contact Alan McNeil (email: to put a community event on the calendar.
  • Sondreson Hall Rental Policy – Sondreson Hall can be rented for private parties and meetings for other North Fork organizations and governmental agencies as long as there is an NFLA member who will be sponsoring the event and will be in attendance at the event to ensure that the Hall is used properly. This document describes the rental policy, fees for rental, and the process of renting. Please contact Tom Edwards (email: if you are interested in renting the Hall.
  • Sondreson Hall Rental Agreement – This agreement must be completed for each rental of the hall. It includes the renters contact information, list of equipment and services provided, cancellation policy, etc.
  • Duties of the Host – Renting Sondreson Hall bears important responsibilities for the host. This document provides a checklist for the host to ensure that the hall is left in good condition for the enjoyment of those attending future events.

Requests for either using or renting the hall may be sent to or contact one of the members of the Board of Directors.

News from the Sondreson Community Hall

  • Winter Events on the North Fork

    December 17, 2014

    Everyone had a great time at Thanksgiving dinner sponsored by the NFLA at Sondreson Community Hall.  But there is more fun to be had on the North Fork this winter.

    Serving dinner at Thanksgiving

    Christmas Dinner at the Hall – Come join your North Fork neighbors at Sondreson Hall for a Christmas potluck dinner. Turkey and ham will be provided. Please bring a side dish and your own table setting. The doors open at 3PM and food is served at 4PM. Again the community is grateful to Jan & Alice Caldwell and Mark & Margaret Heaphy for hosting this event.  Again, everyone on the North Fork is invited. Bring family, friends, and your Christmas spirit.

    New Year’s Eve at the Hall – The Hart’s are once again hosting their every-other-year New Year’s Eve party this year at Sondreson Hall.  Please bring a side dish to share with your friends and neighbors.  The fun begins at 8:30PM.  Everyone is invited, so grab your significant other and come join in on the music, dancing, and stories about surviving the North Fork winter.  Please RSVP so that we know how many people are coming!

  • University of Montana returns to the North Fork

    December 15, 2014

    The University of Montana returns to the North Fork from Sunday January 18 until Friday January 23. And the usual Monday night program by Rick and Susie Graetz – Monday January 19 at 6:30 PM in the Community Center – will be presented. This event this year features a new version of “This Is Montana.”


    It’s been called an Uncommon Land, High Wide and Handsome, the Treasure State. The Land of the Shining Mountains and Big Sky Country…whatever the label, this Montana is a grand mix of geography and history – time and space go well together in this corner of America. Continue reading →

  • NFLA Sondreson Hall Fall Maintenance Schedule

    September 7, 2014

    Members are taking advantage of the cooler weather to perform some maintenance at Sondreson Hall.  Following is the schedule:

    • Help with moving – On Wednesday, September 10th, a few folks are needed to help put the kitchen back together after the floor work in that area has been completed.  Work will begin around 4PM.
    • Minor repairs and oiling – On Tuesday, September 16th, folks are asked to come help with some minor repairs to Sondreson Hall, including flicker damage and oiling the logs on the south side.  Work with begin around noon.
    • Major work – On Friday, September 19th, a major work day has been scheduled for Sondreson Hall including starting construction on the back porch, raking gravel, and putting the stove back in place for the winter.  Work will begin a 9AM and go throughout the day.  Please bring work gloves, a rake, and your lunch.

    We want to say a special thanks to all the folks who plan and supervise these work parties.  Sondreson Hall is in the best shape its been in years due to their efforts.

  • Open House at the Border

    September 7, 2014

    Kip Straton and the Border Patrol have invited their North Fork neighbors to join them on Monday, September 15th, at an open house on the border. The fun starts at 6PM. This is a chance to meet the folks who are guarding our border and learn a little more about what they are doing.  Folks are asked to bring a dessert if you want, but it’s not necessary that everyone bring one.  Please RSVP to Treasurer Bonny Ogle or fill out the information on the contact page so that we’ll know how many people to expect.

  • Tree Farm Newsletter and Annual Tree Farm Meeting

    September 3, 2014

    The Annual Tree Farm Meeting will be held on Saturday, October 11. The group will be meeting at Sondreson Community Hall at 10AM before proceeding on to the Chrisman and Hoiland Tree Farms, then returning to the Hall for the lunch, Business Meeting, and Awards. This meeting is open to the public – anyone wanting more information on the Tree Farm program is welcome to attend. Registration is $25 per person, $12.50 for children under 16. With Registration both lunch and snacks are provided.

    Both the Hoiland and Chrisman Tree Farms will be visited – so don’t miss an opportunity to check out what is going on at your neighbor’s!

    Download the Tree Farm Annual Meeting Registration 2014 form from here.
    Download the 2014 Fall Tree Farm Newsletter (Full Color) from here.

    Anyone with questions can contact me at or 406-249-6130.