2018 Spring Newsletter

The 2018 NFLA Spring Newsletter comes to you courtesy of the North Fork Landowners Association (NFLA).  This spring’s newsletter is the main result of work by Carol Groebe and Chris Heitz, plus articles by Lynn Ogle, Allen Chrisman, Lois Walker and Mark Heaphy. Besides social activities, the articles give great information on wildfire and how to protect your property, the activity of the North Fork Patrol, as well as the latest in the Lois Walker series of North Fork history. This time, she writes about the history of the Pole Bridge, which, since 1988, has been converted to steel and concrete. A copy of the newsletter is sent out every spring to NFLA members.  You can download a PDF copy of the newsletter by tapping here.

This spring’s newsletter included a Wildfire Risk Assessment Request. You can download a PDF copy of that form here.

Finally, the 2018 calendar was included in the newsletter. You can download a complete PDF version of the calendar for 2018 from here.

We invite you to join us! Membership dues are only $15 a year per person. Your dues are important to us. They help us maintain the Community Hall and organize lots of exciting activities that bring the community together. We have activities for everyone, whether you are interested in reading, gardening, hiking, biking, dancing, birding, or floating the river.  We hope to see you at NFLA activities this fall/winter including Thanksgiving day dinner.  More information about joining the NFLA may be found here.

From the Desk of the President

Dear North Fork Landowner,

Greetings from the still-snowy North Fork, where record snow is reluctant to leave and even the old-timers are suffering from “cabin fever!” But the robins have arrived, so Summer must be right around the corner… and your Board has worked hard to make this one of the BEST! Be sure to post your official Calendar (inside) where you will see it often. So “THANK YOU” to our Board, Committees, volunteers, and YOU, the members, for all the time, support, and contributions you’ve given that help to preserve our North Fork traditions, history, and Sondreson Hall. We look forward to seeing all of you this summer!

Larry Wilson, NFLA President

Click on the link below to get to a PDF version of the newsletter. And enjoy! and calendar

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