2017 Spring Newsletter

The 2017 NFLA Spring Newsletter comes to you courtesy of the North Fork Landowners Association (NFLA).  A copy of the newsletter is sent out every spring to NFLA members, but everyone can get a PDF copy of the newsletter by clicking here and a PDF copy of the 2017 calendar by clicking here.

We invite you to join us! Membership dues are only $15 a year per person. Your dues are important to us. They help us maintain the Community Hall and organize lots of exciting activities that bring the community together. We have activities for everyone, whether you are interested in reading, gardening, hiking, biking, dancing, birding, or floating the river.  We hope to see you at NFLA activities and meetings this summer/fall.  More information about joining the NFLA may be found here.

From the Desk of the President

The following message from NFLA President Randy Kenyon is an excerpt from the 2017 Spring NFLA Newsletter…

Well, for those of you who scattered to points elsewhere in the Fall, you sadly missed a glorious good old fashioned North Fork winter with lots and lots of snow and sub-zero temperatures.  Now it’s time, though, to herald in the upcoming Summer, and what a Summer we have in store!

This year we will see the NFIA/NFLA’s 70th Anniversary, with a variety of historical activities celebrating our great heritage.  I would like to thank all those folks who contributed their efforts to the newsletter and calendar, as well as all those who contribute so much to our community!

Click on the link below to get to a PDF version of the newsletter. And enjoy! and calendar

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