2017 Fall Newsletter

The 2017 NFLA Fall Newsletter comes to you courtesy of the North Fork Landowners Association (NFLA).  A copy of the newsletter is sent out every fall to NFLA members reminding them to renew their membership and includes a membership renewal form as well as a letter from the NFLA President. You can download a PDF copy of the newsletter by tapping here.

We invite you to join us! Membership dues are only $15 a year per person. Your dues are important to us. They help us maintain the Community Hall and organize lots of exciting activities that bring the community together. We have activities for everyone, whether you are interested in reading, gardening, hiking, biking, dancing, birding, or floating the river.  We hope to see you at NFLA activities this fall/winter including Thanksgiving day dinner.  More information about joining the NFLA may be found here.

From the Desk of the President

Dear North Fork Landowner,

As the newly elected President of the North Fork Landowners’ Association (NFLA), I would like to begin by thanking the past Board, volunteers, and you, the members, for all the time, support, and contributions that made our just-completed 70th Anniversary Summer events so memorable! Without all of you, preserving our North Fork traditions and maintaining Sondreson Community Hall would not be possible. Next summer we will continue to hold all of the old favorites: square dances, ice cream social, game nights, Crazy Hat dance, float trips, and many more social events. As we enter our 71st year, informational/educational meetings will be held on topics like Living with Wildlife, Fire Protection, and Health and Safety issues; the NFLA will also emphasize our North Fork History with more History Tours, and presentations. I would like to personally invite you to become a member of our organization, pay your dues, and meet your friends and neighbors by joining us for an action-packed, fun-filled summer in 2018. You can start by joining or renewing your membership. Your small contribution can and will help ensure we carry on these great events, and all monies collected help pay the taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs. Additional contributions are gladly accepted and appreciated! For more information please visit our website

Larry Wilson, NFLA President

Click on the link below to get to a PDF version of the newsletter. And enjoy! and calendar

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