Sondreson Hall

Winter Dance Classes Starting Next Week!

It is that time of year again! Winter dance classes at the Hall will begin the night after Thanksgiving — Friday, November 29, 6:00-8:00pm. Dance classes are held once-a-week through February …and beginners are welcome! You can come with a partner or as a single. Debo Powers is the instructor and the classes are free. Please bring beverages and snacks… Read more →

Get back to work your two! | photo by Suzanne Daniel

Sondreson Hall Cleanup 2018

On a gloriously sunny day last Saturday, a smaller than usual crowd showed up for the annual Hall Clean-up at Sondreson Hall.  The North Fork Dancers (those who participated in the winter dance classes) made up most of the group.  Much was accomplished and everyone had a good time.  Firewood was chopped and stacked; the fence was repaired; the outhouses,… Read more →

Fun-filled Hall Clean-up Day 2017

Spring cleaning is lots of fun when it is accomplished in a community. Nineteen North Forkers gathered on Saturday, May 27, for the annual Hall Clean-up.  Wood was split and hauled into the Hall for both wood stoves.  Rafters were dusted and windows were washed.  The kitchen was cleaned and re-organized.  The floor was vacuumed.  The outhouses were scrubbed and… Read more →

Margaret & Suzanne cleaned the outhouses

Hall Cleanup Draws a Crowd

On Saturday, a large number of North Fork landowners participated in the annual Hall Cleanup Day at the Sondreson Community Hall in the North Fork.  Equipped with gloves, tools, and cleaning supplies, landowners washed windows, tables, counter tops, floors, outhouses and everything else they could get their hands on.  In addition, wood was chopped and stacked, rafters were dusted, yard… Read more →

Suzanne cleaning the men's outhouse

Annual Hall Cleanup

Next Saturday, May 28th, is the annual cleanup of Sondreson Hall. Inside volunteers please bring cleaning supplies. Outside volunteers please bring appropriate tools, rakes, gloves, etc. A light lunch & drinks will be provided. This annual event is a great way to start the summer season on the North Fork. Come see all your neighbors and get the hall ready for all the… Read more →

Sondreson Hall has New Bookcase

Thanks to Kevin and Emily O’Bryan, North Fork landowners, who donated a bookcase for the Community Hall. Kevin built the beautiful wooden bookcase in Ohio (where he was building cabinets and shelves for their North Fork cabin) and transported it here. The bookcase will display books on the flora and fauna of the Northern Rockies which were donated by North… Read more →

The “Creeks of the North Fork” float

“Creeks” Donate to Sondreson Hall Fund

The “Creeks of the North Fork” float won first place in the Polebridge 4th of July Parade this year. The first place prize, donated by the Merc and the Saloon, was $100 to spend at the Merc or Saloon and $100 to be donated to whatever non-profit organization the group chose.   “Creeks of the North Fork” spent their prize money on… Read more →

2015 Sondreson Hall Cleanup Day

2015 Sondreson Hall Cleanup Day

On Saturday, about 20 members of the NFLA showed up to help with the annual Hall Cleanup Day. It was a pleasurable neighborhood experience—a combination of chatting and light work—cleaning, dusting, sweeping, organizing, trimming bushes, washing windows, and splitting kindling for the wood stoves.   Everyone had a good time and there were enough people to complete all of the tasks… Read more →