North Fork Patrol

Report from the North Fork Patrol’s Board Meetings

Following is a report from Mark Heaphy… Since January of this year, the patrol has logged more than 658 miles of patrolling, has checked on 151 properties and notified 19 landowners of various problems or damages. The heavier, longer lasting wet snows of this past winter took out more than a few stacks, vents and chimneys. Also, Irv and Chris… Read more →

North Fork Patrol Spring Board Meeting

The North Fork Patrol had its spring board meeting on Wednesday, May 24. Here are two main highlights: Currently there are 130 properties on our list; all have been checked and 10 were notified concerning damage or other issues. The board voted to give an individual a monetary award for the reporting of a poaching up north. The North Fork… Read more →

2016 Winter North Fork Patrol Meeting Update

Mark Heaphy reports that the North Fork Patrol recently held their annual winter meeting. Here are some highlights: The North Fork Patrol has about 150 properties signed up and almost all have been physically checked at least once this winter. The good news is that out of all of those checked only one had any problem, a damaged vent stack. They plan to… Read more →

Wildcat Lake - photo by Mark Heaphy

Patrol Agenda for July, 2015

Prepared by Lynn P. Ogle for Mark Heaphy. Patrol is asking people to get license numbers and descriptions of strange vehicles and people, in or around your homes. It is very difficult to know if you have given people permission or if they are renters or trespassers if you do not give them a written permission slip. If you are… Read more →