Fire Mitigation

2012 Fuels Reduction Grant update

As of late August, 2012, fifteen North Fork landowners have signed cost-share agreements under the North Fork’s third hazardous fuels reduction grant.  A total of $53,465 has been obligated.  The total amount of the grant is approximately $100,000.  The Fire Mitigation Committee encourages landowners who are interested in participating in the program to apply.  The expiration for the grant is… Read more →

Stewardship, forest health and fuels reduction workshop

This workshop, sponsored by the Fire Mitigation Committee, was held on July 11th at Sondreson Hall. Neighbors shared their successes at land management and the DNRC talked about the North Fork’s new fuels reduction grant and what has been achieved on the North Fork under previous grants. Three North Forkers made presentations during the workshop that included some great pictures… Read more →

Landowners’ Guide to Cost ­Share Funding

The treatment of hazardous fuels is one of the most proactive ways to reduce potential loss of life and property in the event of a wildland fire. By following Firewise™ practices, creating defensible space, and treating fuels, you can lower your fire risk while increasing the chances that fire protection agencies can effectively deal with a wildland fire should it… Read more →

3rd Fuels Reduction Grant

The DNRC has awarded a hazardous fuels reduction grant to the North Fork community, its third such grant since the Wedge Canyon and Robert fires in 2003.  According to a DNRC spokesperson, “the North Fork project received priority in the grant selection process due in part to the demonstrated willingness of landowners to collaborate in combining treatments across the landscape.” … Read more →

Firewise USA

The North Fork’s membership in FireWise Communities USA has been renewed for 2012, based on our efforts in 2011. The North Fork has been a member of FireWise since 2006. One of the requirements for membership is an annual FireWise Day. Last year’s FireWise Day featured a workshop and field trip on forest insects and disease, and their relationship to… Read more →

Firesafe Montana

The Fire Mitigation Committee has applied for membership in FireSafe Montana, with a waiver of annual dues. The committee anticipates that FireSafe will assist us with our 2012 FireWise Day. FireSafe is sponsoring a conference at the QuaTukNuk in Polson on April 9 – 10, 2010. The theme of the conference is “Responsible Wildfire Preparedness: How FireSafe Councils Can Help.”… Read more →

Fire Mitigation Report, Sept. 2011

The DNRC recently notified the Fire Mitigation Committee that its grant proposal had been approved and that funding authority had been secured.  The amount of the grant is approximately $99,600.  As with previous grants, monies will be disbursed on a cost-share basis, with the grant providing 75% of the cost of treatment and the landowner providing 25%.  Landowner contributions may… Read more →

Grant possibility

The North Fork applied for a Western States fuels mitigation grant in 2010, part of a consortium of communities.  The application was rejected and the Fire Mitigation Committee decided to look into the possibility of a applying for a stand-alone grant for the North Fork. This spring, committee members have discussed grant possibilities informally with the DNRC.  The agency determines… Read more →

Firesafe Montana

Firesafe Montana is a non-profit organization that helps to educate Montana communities about wildfire.   Its executive director attended the Fire Mitigation Committee meeting in April, 2011 to explain the program.  He offered to waive the membership fee for one year to enable North Fork landowners to become familiar with Firesafe and what it can do for us.  The NFLA… Read more →

Federal and State Projects

Larry Roberts of LTL Forestry purchased the Forest Service’s “Red Dwarf” project last February.  The project will reduce fuels and improve ingress and egress along East Red Meadow Drive.  The contractor will begin work in July and must complete it by August. The Red Whale project has been split into several parts.   The Forest Service will do some precommercial thinning… Read more →