COVID-19: Sondreson Hall Use Restrictions and Guidelines

The following restrictions, guidelines and notices apply to the use of Sondreson Hall under Montana’s “Phase 2” COVID-19 management plan: The maximum number of people in the hall at any given time is 50. For a given event, up to 50 chairs will be set up, dispersed as widely as practical. If there are no empty seats available, please do… Read more →

Star Gazing, May 30, 9pm

Just wanted to let you know that Star Gazing at Jim Rittenburg’s is still scheduled for Saturday, May 30th at 9pm.  Telescope will be provided, but bring binoculars if you want.  Sky tour, view stars, constellations, star clusters, galaxies, and nebula.  Bring your own drink and snack if you want.  Everything will be outside (easy to maintain social distancing), so… Read more →