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Thanksgiving at the Hall 2014

The community celebrated another wonderful Thanksgiving at the Community Hall last evening.  The roads getting to the hall were icy and slick, but friends and neighbors (some coming all the way from town) were not to be stopped.  Several folks brought appetizers including some delicious deviled eggs. The side dishes were especially good this year including mashed potatoes, several different… Read more →

Sondreson Hall Back Porch Lights

Sondreson Hall Back Porch Lights

The following report on the maintenance and Sondreson Hall and photo was sent in by Bill Walker… Thursday, Paul Marotz and I installed lights on the recently upgraded Sondreson Hall back porch. I noticed that someone put the finishing touches to the ramp, too. Thanks, Paul, and everyone else who has worked so hard on Sondreson Hall this summer/fall.  And… Read more →

Food Drive at the Final Meeting of the Year

It’s that time of year again. All members of the NFLA are encouraged to bring or send non-perishable food items to the October meeting on the 4th. Acceptable donations include non-perishable commercially canned goods, dried foods such as rice, pasta, beans and any packaged food items not requiring refrigeration. Of particular interest is baby food. Another popular item is pancake syrup…. Read more →

New Sign Up Form for NF Patrol

The North Fork Patrol, with the written permission of a landowner, checks a property for evidence of trespass, poaching and external physical damage. Get more information about the North Fork Patrol and download a copy of the new sign up form.

Improvements to Sondreson Hall

Improvements to Sondreson Hall

The NFLA maintenance committee had a long list of tasks that they wanted to finish this summer and fall including the kitchen floor, a new back porch with a ramp, replacing the batten on the back of the building, and hooking the wood stove back up inside.  Much of that work was finished during a flurry of activity this past week.  Here’s… Read more →

Huckleberry bushes by Donna Harrison

Huckleberry Bushes

Donna Harrison sent in the following photo of some huckleberry bushes.  Everyone agrees that it was a great huckleberry year, but they’re just about gone and the freeze last night probably finished them.  Well, until next year…

Annual Membership Dues have Increased

The NFLA Board of Directors voted to increase the annual dues for active members from $10 a person to $15. Dues for associate members (no voting privileges) were also increased from $5 a year to $10.  For more information about joining the NFLA and paying dues, including an updated form to fill out, see our Contact Page.

NFLA Sondreson Hall Fall Maintenance Schedule

Members are taking advantage of the cooler weather to perform some maintenance at Sondreson Hall.  Following is the schedule: Help with moving – On Wednesday, September 10th, a few folks are needed to help put the kitchen back together after the floor work in that area has been completed.  Work will begin around 4PM. Minor repairs and oiling – On Tuesday, September 16th, folks are… Read more →