Allen Chrisman

Real-Time Lightning Map

This link takes you to a map that shows in real-time the lightning strikes in our area.;r=0;t=2;s=0;o=0;b=;n=0;y=48.5183;x=-113.6441;z=7;d=2;dl=2;dc=0; There is also an IOS app called “My Lightning Tracker” that you might try. It sends you notifications (alerts) when lightening strikes in your area.

Significant Wildland Fire Potential Outlook for August 2017

Outlook for Wildland Fire for August/September/October

Here is the Outlook for Wildland Fire for August/September/October: This Outlook better represents the conditions we are seeing, both up the North Fork as well in more severe burning conditions across the rest of Montana.  This is in sharp contrast to the forecast from Predictive Services we received at our IMT Spring Meetings which forecasted a “slow normal” fire… Read more →

Closure of Trail Creek Road

This is a new closure order from Rob Davies, District Ranger of the Forest Service, via Allen Chrisman on the Kootenai, as a result of the Gibraltar Ridge Fire in the Eureka area. This closure effects travel from the North Fork over Trail Creek onto the Kootenai.  We will be posting signs today at the North Fork (junction of North… Read more →

Gibralter Fire Area Map 8.8.2017 a.m.

Gibralter Fire in Lower Graves Creek East of Eureka

I see that according to Kootenai Dispatch WildCAD, there is a new large fire (estimated 500 acres) 7 miles east of Eureka in lower Graves Creek.  It is about 20 miles due west of the North Fork Road at Whale Creek.  A Type 2 Incident Management Team has been ordered.  Rick Connell’s Western Montana IMT has been reserved, which means… Read more →

July-August-September Wildfire Outlook

In Northwest Montana we are still forecasted for a “normal” season, but with normal fire season in August, it should be busy. As Lynn probably mentioned at the NFLA Meeting Saturday, things are drying out quickly.  I was amazed at how dry the fine fuels around our cabins have gotten in just the past week without watering.  This reminds me… Read more →

National Outlook for Wildland Fire Potential – June 1

The following information was provided by Allen Chrisman… Here is the June 1 National Outlook for Wildland Fire Potential. It is forecasting a slower than normal fire season for the Northern Rockies for June and July, moving to a “normal” fire season in August and September. That is the good news. Locally, the hot dry weather we have had recently makes things a… Read more →

Firewise Day 2016

Firewise Day 2016

This year’s Firewire Day workshop will be held on Wednesday July 13, 2016 from 9:30 a.m. to noon at Sondreson Hall, immediately preceding the Summer Interlocal meeting. Our Firewise Day agenda includes the following items: A video by Jack Cohen, internationally known wildfire expert at the Fire Lab in Missoula.  The video’s title is “Your Home Can Survive a Wildfire,” with advice about how… Read more →

July National Wildland Fire Potential Outlook

Here is the latest National Wildfire Potential Outlook covering July, August and September: So, we are expecting a “normal” fire season in Northwestern Montana, which will begin as early as mid-July and last through the end of September. Normal means that we will have a number of lightning fires, and fires that occur with good position with heavy fuels… Read more →

Ursus Uprightus

New Bear Species Discovered in the North Fork

Game camera images from the Chrisman/Wiley property up the North Fork revealed what appears to be a new, previously unidentified bear species. The game camera is focused on a bear rub tree that has been regularly used by both black bears and grizzly bears. The new bear species, tentatively referred to as Ursus Uprightus, reinforces the concept that there are… Read more →

May 1 Wildland Fire Outlook

The May 1 Wildland Fire Outlook is posted: This is showing the Northern Rockies as a pretty normal active fire season beginning in mid-July.  We will get better predictions as we get farther into the season – the July 1 Outlook will be the one I am looking for.   There will be a lot of activity in Alaska, Hawaii, the… Read more →