• Huckleberry bushes by Donna Harrison

    Huckleberry Bushes

    Donna Harrison sent in the following photo of some huckleberry bushes.  Everyone agrees that it was a great huckleberry year, but they’re just about gone and the freeze last night… Read more →

  • Twins


    Patti Hart took this photo of twin fawns.  So cute!

  • Cecily McNeil

    Cecily McNeil

    We were honored with a visit from Cecily McNeil at the recent Pie and Ice Cream Social.

  • Chocolate Legs

    Chocolate Legs

    Debo spotted this beautiful grizzly in her back yard.  She believes that it’s probably “Chocolate Legs”.

  • Handsome Griz

    Handsome Griz

    This is a photo by Gerry Stearns of a handsome North Fork grizzly bear.

  • Curious moose

    Moose on the lose

    This is a photo by Gerry Stearns taken in her and Richard’s back yard on Moose Creek.

  • Larches on Trail Creek

    Larches on Trail Creek

    Here are some larch from a bench on Trail Creek, looking toward Wedge Canyon.  This photo comes from Molly Shepherd.

  • First snow - photo by Becky Braunig

    First snow

    Folks woke up this morning to snow on the ground and flocking the turning larches.  Becky Braunig from Trail Creek sent in the photo.

  • Fall on the North Fork

    Fall on the North Fork

    Fall is one of the best times of year on the North Fork.  Here are some photographs to prove it!

  • Rainbow


    This is another graph photograph taken by Dick Pfaff in a nearby meadow.

  • Squash blossoms

    Squash blossoms

    Squash blossoms from local North Fork gardens including HartsCore, Secrest, Shepherd and Powers.  Picture taken by Patti Hart.

  • Trail Creek road

    Trail Creek road

    Here is a photograph of Trail Creek road in early spring sent in by Becky Braunig.

  • Wolf


    Here is a photograph of a wolf taken by Mark Heaphy.

  • River float

    River float

    Some of the Trail Creek folks went for a river float and Bonny Ogle sent us in this photograph of the river with the mountains behind.

  • Grouse taken by Dick Pfaff

    Sage grouse

    This is a picture of a Spruce Grouse sent in by Dick Pfaff.  If you look closely you’ll see there’s a baby there as well.

  • Hummingbird


    This photo is of a male rufus hummingbird sent in by Peter Freund.

  • Road repair

    Road repair

    The road crew making repairs at Home Ranch Bottoms.  Photograph by Patti Hart.

Annual Membership Dues have Increased

The NFLA Board of Directors voted to increase the annual dues for active members from $10 a person to $15. Dues for associate members (no voting privileges) were also increased from $5 a year to $10.  For more information about joining the NFLA and paying dues, including an updated form to fill out, see our Contact Page.

Gents make a star

Square Dance this Saturday Night

We’ve had a great summer of square dancing this year… and it’s not over yet. This Saturday evening, September 13th, is the last square dance of the season.  The fun begins at 8PM at Sondreson Community Hall.  Debo Powers will be teaching all of the moves and calling some of the squares.  Beginners are welcomed. Bring your gal and your… Read more →

NFLA Sondreson Hall Fall Maintenance Schedule

Members are taking advantage of the cooler weather to perform some maintenance at Sondreson Hall.  Following is the schedule: Help with moving – On Wednesday, September 10th, a few folks are needed to help put the kitchen back together after the floor work in that area has been completed.  Work will begin around 4PM. Minor repairs and oiling – On Tuesday, September 16th, folks are… Read more →

Open House at the Border

Kip Straton and the Border Patrol have invited their North Fork neighbors to join them on Monday, September 15th, at an open house on the border. The fun starts at 6PM. This is a chance to meet the folks who are guarding our border and learn a little more about what they are doing.  Folks are asked to bring a dessert if you… Read more →

Tree Farm Newsletter and Annual Tree Farm Meeting

The Annual Tree Farm Meeting will be held on Saturday, October 11. The group will be meeting at Sondreson Community Hall at 10AM before proceeding on to the Chrisman and Hoiland Tree Farms, then returning to the Hall for the lunch, Business Meeting, and Awards. This meeting is open to the public – anyone wanting more information on the Tree Farm program is welcome to… Read more →

National Fire Outlook September 1

National Fire Outlook September 1

Northern Rockies: Normal significant wildland fire potential is expected for the outlook period. Very warm and dry conditions across the Area contributed to a spike in fire activity around mid-month. A change in patterns brought deep moisture into the region, producing widespread heavy rain for much of the last two weeks of August. Cooler weather filtered in as an early… Read more →

Gents make a star

August Square Dance

Everyone had a great time at the August square dance last Saturday evening.  There was a large turnout with over 40 people over the night.  Plenty for two squares with dancers to spare.  Debo did her usual excellent job calling the dance and teaching the beginners all the moves. Here are some photos:

August BOD Election Results

The annual election of the officers took place at the Business Meeting on Saturday evening.  Here are the results: President Karen McDonough Vice President Donna Harrison Past President Debo Powers Treasurer Bonny Ogle North Director Allen Chrisman North Director Paul Marotz (new) South Director Alan McNeil South Director Carol Groebe In addition, the following proposed bylaw change was passed:  Dissolution Clause; “Upon the… Read more →

Firewise Day

Fire Wise Day

For eleven years (since the Wedge Canyon Fire in 2003, the NFLA has had a very active Fire Mitigation Committee. Each summer, the committee hosts a Fire Wise Day at the Hall to help inform landowners about what they can do on their property to mitigate the effects of catastrophic wildfire. Grants have been available to help landowners with reducing… Read more →

Ray Hart joined in the fun

Social and square dance were great fun

Last night’s Ice Cream Social and square dance was enjoyed by everyone who came to Sondreson Hall.  Linda Pittman and Debo Powers made delicious ice cream and everyone else contributed the pies.  We had special visits from Cecily McNeil and Ray Hart who reminded us that square dances have been taking place at the hall for over 60 years – and… Read more →