• Huckleberry bushes by Donna Harrison

    Huckleberry Bushes

    Donna Harrison sent in the following photo of some huckleberry bushes.  Everyone agrees that it was a great huckleberry year, but they’re just about gone and the freeze last night… Read more →

  • Twins


    Patti Hart took this photo of twin fawns.  So cute!

  • Cecily McNeil

    Cecily McNeil

    We were honored with a visit from Cecily McNeil at the recent Pie and Ice Cream Social.

  • Chocolate Legs

    Chocolate Legs

    Debo spotted this beautiful grizzly in her back yard.  She believes that it’s probably “Chocolate Legs”.

  • Handsome Griz

    Handsome Griz

    This is a photo by Gerry Stearns of a handsome North Fork grizzly bear.

  • Curious moose

    Moose on the lose

    This is a photo by Gerry Stearns taken in her and Richard’s back yard on Moose Creek.

  • Larches on Trail Creek

    Larches on Trail Creek

    Here are some larch from a bench on Trail Creek, looking toward Wedge Canyon.  This photo comes from Molly Shepherd.

  • First snow - photo by Becky Braunig

    First snow

    Folks woke up this morning to snow on the ground and flocking the turning larches.  Becky Braunig from Trail Creek sent in the photo.

  • Fall on the North Fork

    Fall on the North Fork

    Fall is one of the best times of year on the North Fork.  Here are some photographs to prove it!

  • Rainbow


    This is another graph photograph taken by Dick Pfaff in a nearby meadow.

  • Squash blossoms

    Squash blossoms

    Squash blossoms from local North Fork gardens including HartsCore, Secrest, Shepherd and Powers.  Picture taken by Patti Hart.

  • Trail Creek road

    Trail Creek road

    Here is a photograph of Trail Creek road in early spring sent in by Becky Braunig.

  • Wolf


    Here is a photograph of a wolf taken by Mark Heaphy.

  • River float

    River float

    Some of the Trail Creek folks went for a river float and Bonny Ogle sent us in this photograph of the river with the mountains behind.

  • Grouse taken by Dick Pfaff

    Sage grouse

    This is a picture of a Spruce Grouse sent in by Dick Pfaff.  If you look closely you’ll see there’s a baby there as well.

  • Hummingbird


    This photo is of a male rufus hummingbird sent in by Peter Freund.

  • Road repair

    Road repair

    The road crew making repairs at Home Ranch Bottoms.  Photograph by Patti Hart.

2015 NFLA Spring Newsletter is Here

The 2015 NFLA Spring Newsletter is completed and on its way. Folks who have paid their 2015 dues will receive their newsletter in the mail soon. Everyone is invited to check out this year’s newsletter as well as newsletters from years past on the NFLA Newsletter page. This year’s newsletter includes a letter from NFLA President Karen McDonough, information about square dancing on the… Read more →

National Significant Wildland Fire Potential Outlook – April 1

The latest National Outlook is posted below, issued today, April 1. It looks grim for the west, but very reasonable for our portion of Northwest Montana. This outlook only covers the next three months through the end of June, although there are references to July fire activity. Specifically for the Northern Rockies this forecasts a more active than normal fire… Read more →

Russian Knapweed Flower Close JK WEB

Weed Resources to Download

In March of 2015 Flathead National Forest, CHS, and others sponsored workshops focusing on weed identification, plant physiology, non-chemical control options, understanding chemical labels, calibrating equipment, weed law and safety. Richard Hildner and Suzanne Daniel attended and picked up some very helpful materials indeed. Check them out and download from the Weeds Committee page.

Coal Ridge Cabin - before

Update on the Coal Ridge Cabin

Andy Huntsberger, Assistant Fire Management Officer – Operations, Flathead National Forest sent in an update on work they have been doing at the Coal Ridge Cabin. Here is a timeline: 2012 we put a new roof on and installed a new wood stove and pipe 2014 installed all new siding (donated be the Northwest Montana Forest Fire Lookout Association), new coat… Read more →

Cecily McNeil

North Fork History Project Takes a Leap Forward

Several years ago, members of the NFLA History Committee began to interview and record the stories of people who have been in the North Fork for a long time. Folks talk about what the North Fork was like when they arrived, going to school on the North Fork, encounters with bears, moose, and bobcats and much more. At this point… Read more →

Fire Mitigation Committee Report, Late Winter 2015

2015 Firewise Day The North Fork has been recognized as a Firewise Community for ten years. One of the requirements for continuing recognition is holding an annual Firewise Day event. The North Fork’s annual Firewise workshops have been informative and well-attended, covering a range of wildfire and stewardship topics. This year, the NFLA’s Fire Mitigation Committee will sponsor its Firewise… Read more →

Michael Dardis from the Flathead National Forest and Tim Thier from FWP

North Fork Winter Interlocal Agreement 2015 Meeting Minutes

The winter North Fork Interlocal Agreement meeting took place last Wednesday, February 11th, at the Community Building in West Glacier. As in the past, this meeting was well attended by North Forkers and agency representatives alike. Allen Chrisman was kind enough to take extensive notes and turn them into minutes for the meeting. These include answers to specific questions submitted… Read more →

Ed "Mac" McNeil Passed

Ed “Mac” McNeil Passed

Last Sunday, February 8th, long time North Forker Ed “Mac” McNeil passed away. Mac and his wife Cecily bought land near Dutch Creek in Glacier National Park in the early 60s.   They later bought 103 acres and built a cabin on the other side of the river near Moose Creek and lived there during the summers. Mac and Cecily were early members of… Read more →


The new year has begun and the NFLA is getting organized for the summer.  Here are a couple of reminders. Don’t forget to pay your dues by March 1 so that you get your copy of the NFLA 2015 Newsletter this spring.  For more information, check out this announcement. Now is the time to get your event scheduled on the NFLA… Read more →

Small Landowners Weed Workshop - March 4 & 11

Small Landowners Weed Workshop – March 4 & 11

If you own 5-50 acres of land and want to learn the basics of weed management, then here is your opportunity. Flathead National Forest, CHS, and others are sponsoring workshops at the FCC campus, Arts & Technology Building on March 4 and March 11. The March 4 focus is on weed identification, plant physiology and non-chemical control options. The March… Read more →