Community River Float from Polebridge to Coal Creek

Come join your friends and neighbors on Tuesday, July 19, for a community float of the North Fork river from Polebridge to Coal Creek. Meet at Coal Creek by 10AM to convoy to Polebridge. The float will begin from Polebridge at 11AM. For more information or if you have any questions, please either call Dennis or Carol Groebe at 406-888-9803 or go by their… Read more →

Firewise Day 2016

Firewise Day 2016

This year’s Firewire Day workshop will be held on Wednesday July 13, 2016 from 9:30 a.m. to noon at Sondreson Hall, immediately preceding the Summer Interlocal meeting. Our Firewise Day agenda includes the following items: A video by Jack Cohen, internationally known wildfire expert at the Fire Lab in Missoula.  The video’s title is “Your Home Can Survive a Wildfire,” with advice about how… Read more →

Community Float from Wurtz to Polebridge – July 7

Come join your friends and neighbors on Thursday, July 7, for a community float of the North Fork river from Wurtz to Polebridge. Meet at Polebridge by 10AM to convoy to Wurtz. The float will begin from Wurtz at 11AM. For more information or if you have any questions, please either call Dennis or Carol Groebe at 406-888-9803 or come by… Read more →

Community Outing to Stonehenge Air Museum

Community outing to Stonehenge Air Museum in Fortine with lunch after at Renee’s Rolling in Dough. If you have not been, it is wonderful. A book has been written about one of the airplanes you will see – “A Higher Call” by Adam Makos. The plan is to start the tour at 10AM. To get there, go 0.3 miles north of Montana Highway… Read more →

July National Wildland Fire Potential Outlook

Here is the latest National Wildfire Potential Outlook covering July, August and September: So, we are expecting a “normal” fire season in Northwestern Montana, which will begin as early as mid-July and last through the end of September. Normal means that we will have a number of lightning fires, and fires that occur with good position with heavy fuels… Read more →

North Fork Weed Wranglers with their sacks of weeds

Knapweed Under Attack!

The knapweed at Sondreson Meadow was under attack on Thursday by the North Fork Weed Wranglers, a committee of the North Fork Landowners Association. The weed pull was organized by Donna Harrison, committee chair. Kat Pine, the Education/Compliance Officer from the Flathead County Weed Department joined the group under cloudy skies to add her expertise to the search and eradication… Read more →

Questions for the Summer Interlocal

The 2016 Summer Interlocal is scheduled for Wednesday, July 13, at Sondreson Hall starting at 1PM after a potluck lunch. The Interlocal Agreement provides for face-to-face contact with representatives of agencies whose policies and actions affect the North Fork. Interlocal Agreement meetings are held in the winter (in town) and summer (at Sondreson Hall). Signatories to the agreement include the… Read more →

New North Fork Sign

New North Fork Sign

Folks may have noticed that there’s a new sign on the south side of the Home Ranch Bottoms pavement. Although it keeps with the spirit of the old sign, this one is spiffed up and legible, reflecting well on our community. Our many thanks to the North Fork Patrol for taking the time and effort to update this North Fork… Read more →

Fire Mitigation Committee Report, Late Spring 2016

From Co-Chairs Molly Shepherd and Allen Chrisman Hazardous Fuels Grant The North Fork has received four hazardous fuels reduction grants since the fires of 2003. Monies have been available on a cost-share basis, with the grant paying 75% of the cost of an eligible project and the landowner contributing the remaining 25%. The Flathead Economic Policy Center has administered the… Read more →