North for Garden Bounty by Debo Powers

Gardener’s Roundtable & Plant Sale on Tuesday

North Fork gardeners will meet at Sondreson Hall on Tuesday, May 24 at 10:00am to share ideas about gardening and purchase seedlings from the Wernick’s greenhouses. Other gardeners may bring plants to share also. Large tomato, squash, and geranium plants will be available for sale along with cabbage seedlings and other plants from the brassica family.  In addition to seed… Read more →

Suzanne cleaning the men's outhouse

Annual Hall Cleanup

Next Saturday, May 28th, is the annual cleanup of Sondreson Hall. Inside volunteers please bring cleaning supplies. Outside volunteers please bring appropriate tools, rakes, gloves, etc. A light lunch & drinks will be provided. This annual event is a great way to start the summer season on the North Fork. Come see all your neighbors and get the hall ready for all the… Read more →

Ursus Uprightus

New Bear Species Discovered in the North Fork

Game camera images from the Chrisman/Wiley property up the North Fork revealed what appears to be a new, previously unidentified bear species. The game camera is focused on a bear rub tree that has been regularly used by both black bears and grizzly bears. The new bear species, tentatively referred to as Ursus Uprightus, reinforces the concept that there are… Read more →

Burn Permits Are Required

Burn Permits are Required May 1- June 30. Permits are only required in May and June and they are FREE! Call Flathead County Air Quality at 751-8144 or click here for today’s ventilation forecast. Click here to apply for a permit.  If you have additional questions or would like information regarding survivable space guidelines, wildfire preparedness, or home assessments please call… Read more →

May 1 Wildland Fire Outlook

The May 1 Wildland Fire Outlook is posted: This is showing the Northern Rockies as a pretty normal active fire season beginning in mid-July.  We will get better predictions as we get farther into the season – the July 1 Outlook will be the one I am looking for.   There will be a lot of activity in Alaska, Hawaii, the… Read more →

NFLA 2016 Spring Newsletter

NFLA members should have received their copy of the 2016 Spring Newsletter in the mail by now. This year’s newsletter includes not only a note from President Randy Kenyon and some excellent stories about upcoming activities on the North Fork, but a paper version of the 2016 NFLA calendar, a signup form, and an updated version of the Emergency Services… Read more →

New North Director Needed

NFLA President Randy Kenyon announced recently that North Director Paul Marotz resigned from the NFLA Board of Directors. Randy is asking folks who live north of Whale Creek (just north of Sondreson Hall) to think about who they might like to nominate for a replacement or volunteer themselves. The current plan is to present candidates to the membership for a… Read more →

Ticks from FWP Website

Tick Information from FWP

Ticks are non-insect arthropod arachnids closely related to spiders, scorpions, and mites. They are important to humans because they feed on animals and can pass diseases to people, pets, wildlife, and livestock. In Montana, ticks are capable of transmitting several tick-borne illnesses to people: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF) Colorado Tick Fever Tularemia (commonly known as “rabbit fever”) Tick-borne relapsing… Read more →

Forest Service Seeks Comments on NEPA Decision

Rob Davies , District Ranger for the Flathead National Forest, says … We will be issuing a NEPA decision for a small simple project that was presented at the Inter-local Meeting last February. We would like to know if anyone has concerns or wishes to provide comments on this project. Please read the attached letter for details. Essentially the State and… Read more →

2016 Winter North Fork Patrol Meeting Update

Mark Heaphy reports that the North Fork Patrol recently held their annual winter meeting. Here are some highlights: The North Fork Patrol has about 150 properties signed up and almost all have been physically checked at least once this winter. The good news is that out of all of those checked only one had any problem, a damaged vent stack. They plan to… Read more →