• Cecily McNeil

    Cecily McNeil

    We were honored with a visit from Cecily McNeil at the recent Pie and Ice Cream Social.

  • Chocolate Legs

    Chocolate Legs

    Debo spotted this beautiful grizzly in her back yard.  She believes that it’s probably “Chocolate Legs”.

  • Handsome Griz

    Handsome Griz

    This is a photo by Gerry Stearns of a handsome North Fork grizzly bear.

  • Curious moose

    Moose on the lose

    This is a photo by Gerry Stearns taken in her and Richard’s back yard on Moose Creek.

  • Larches on Trail Creek

    Larches on Trail Creek

    Here are some larch from a bench on Trail Creek, looking toward Wedge Canyon.  This photo comes from Molly Shepherd.

  • First snow - photo by Becky Braunig

    First snow

    Folks woke up this morning to snow on the ground and flocking the turning larches.  Becky Braunig from Trail Creek sent in the photo.

  • Fall on the North Fork

    Fall on the North Fork

    Fall is one of the best times of year on the North Fork.  Here are some photographs to prove it!

  • Rainbow


    This is another graph photograph taken by Dick Pfaff in a nearby meadow.

  • Squash blossoms

    Squash blossoms

    Squash blossoms from local North Fork gardens including HartsCore, Secrest, Shepherd and Powers.  Picture taken by Patti Hart.

  • Trail Creek road

    Trail Creek road

    Here is a photograph of Trail Creek road in early spring sent in by Becky Braunig.

  • Wolf


    Here is a photograph of a wolf taken by Mark Heaphy.

  • River float

    River float

    Some of the Trail Creek folks went for a river float and Bonny Ogle sent us in this photograph of the river with the mountains behind.

  • Grouse taken by Dick Pfaff

    Sage grouse

    This is a picture of a Spruce Grouse sent in by Dick Pfaff.  If you look closely you’ll see there’s a baby there as well.

  • Hummingbird


    This photo is of a male rufus hummingbird sent in by Peter Freund.

  • Road repair

    Road repair

    The road crew making repairs at Home Ranch Bottoms.  Photograph by Patti Hart.

Firewise Day

Fire Wise Day

For eleven years (since the Wedge Canyon Fire in 2003, the NFLA has had a very active Fire Mitigation Committee. Each summer, the committee hosts a Fire Wise Day at the Hall to help inform landowners about what they can do on their property to mitigate the effects of catastrophic wildfire. Grants have been available to help landowners with reducing… Read more →

Reminder – North Fork Firewise Day and Summer Interlocal

This is a reminder that the North Fork’s annual Firewise Day workshop will be held on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 from 9:30AM to noon at the Sondreson Community Hall.  Lunch will be served from noon to 1PM.  Then at 1PM the Summer Interlocal will commence. Everyone is invited for the day. For more information about the Summer Interlocal, see the NFPA’s post North Fork Inter… Read more →

Ray Hart joined in the fun

Social and square dance were great fun

Last night’s Ice Cream Social and square dance was enjoyed by everyone who came to Sondreson Hall.  Linda Pittman and Debo Powers made delicious ice cream and everyone else contributed the pies.  We had special visits from Cecily McNeil and Ray Hart who reminded us that square dances have been taking place at the hall for over 60 years – and… Read more →

Upcoming election and vote on bylaw changes

At the upcoming NFLA Business Meeting scheduled for Saturday, August 2nd, the annual election of the NFLA officers and voting on proposed bylaw changes will take place.  As usual, the meeting will begin at 8PM and takes place at Sondreson Community Hall. All NFLA members who want to vote will need to have paid their dues for 2014. Treasurer Bonny… Read more →

2014 North Fork Firewise Day

WILDFIRES HAPPEN – TAKE ACTION! PLAN. PREPARE. PREVENT. FIREWISE DAY 2014 The North Fork’s annual Firewise Day workshop will be held on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 from 9:30 a.m. to noon in Sondreson Community Hall, immediately preceding the Summer Interlocal Meeting. The NFLA’s Fire Mitigation Committee will sponsor the event. The theme this year is “Wildfires Happen – Take Action!… Read more →

The Cookbook Team

North Fork Country Kitchens Cookbook update

Lois Walker reports that sale of the NFLA’s North Fork cookbook at the 4th of July parade was a tremendous success! All 400 copies of the color edition of the cookbook were sold out by 2:00 on the 4th. She sends a huge shout-out to all of the cookbook participants who marched in the Cookbook Brigade at the parade, especially to… Read more →

Public Invited to Noxious Weed Blitz

Glacier National Park’s Citizen Science Program announces two opportunities to help with early detection of invasive plants along park trails: Noxious Weed Blitz on July 15 and an online training course for the Invasive Plants Citizen Science program. Both opportunities are free of charge and open to the public. The fifth annual Noxious Weed Blitz will take place on Tuesday, July… Read more →

2014 North Fork Firewise Day

The 2014 North Fork Firewise Day is just around the corner. This year, the Fire Mitigation Committee will sponsor its Firewise Day workshop on July 16, 2014 from 9:30 to noon, preceding the Summer Interlocal meeting. This workshop will focus on creating and maintaining defensible space and ingress and egress on the North Fork. The program will include a powerful video… Read more →

Wildland Fire Outlook July 1

The current Fire Season Outlook is posted:  http://www.nifc.gov/nicc/predictive/outlooks/monthly_seasonal_outlook.pdf  The summary for the Northern Rockies is unchanged from the June update: Northern Rockies: Below normal significant wildland fire potential is expected for June and July. The Idaho Panhandle and all of Montana will see a return to normal significant wildland fire potential in August and September underscoring a delayed and compressed… Read more →